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Exam 24x7

Take Exams any time and any number of times to rectify the strengths and weakness to move further and become the best!

Flexible & Customizable

HiFi Edu Exams are flexible and customizable according to your needs. This helps you to feel cool and help you with what you need.

Active Insights & Interactive Report Cards

HiFi Edu Exams Provides active insights so that you can know the progress of your performance on your learning capability!

Crisp & Clear

HiFi Edu Exams gives you Everything in a crisp and clear format! It makes everything easily accessible, understandable and customizable!

100% Authentic & Error Free

HiFi Edu Exam processor helps you to get the results as soon as you finish the exams which are 100% authentic and are error free!

Less Efforts Needed

HiFi Edu Exams has computers analyzing the results which gives 100% error free results. Which makes HiFi Edu a cutting-edge solution for all!

Explore Exam Features

Teacher's Report

  • Teacher's Report for every student on their class performance!

  • Teacher's Report on Class performance

  • Teacher's Report self evaluation performance report

    Teacher's Data Entry

  • Teacher's Manual Test Mark Entry

  • Easy fillable fields to enter data.

  • Pre-Filled fields to make process fast.

  • Auto save on click feature to save time and energy.

    Student's Report

  • Computer Generated Data for Accurate results.

  • Conduct Report from teachers section.

  • Teacher's remark on student.

  • Teacher's Suggestions to student.

    Teacher's Answer Sheets List View

  • Answer Sheets in sortable list view.

  • Easy access through search name and id.

  • Easy to view all the details at once.

  • Quick UI to load details fast.

    Teacher's Answer Sheets Detailed View

  • One click detailed view of students.

  • Easy export of data via social share links.

  • SMS feature to quickly send report to students and parents.

  • Suggestions to improve performance.